Arlington: The Rap

It would not seem appropriate to have a blog based in Washington without drawing attention this brilliant video. This video has taken Washington by storm with this appearing on the local NBC, FOX and ABC stations (they do some pretty hard-hitting reporting here in the district).

This is an ode to Arlington, the side of the river where alot of Georgetown students live. Of course, there are also alot of students who live in the district. Do they live in the district for th reasons mentioned in this video? I can’t say for sure. But yes, probably.

Greg Perreault

Greg Perreault is a former M.A. student in the Communication, Culture, Technology program at Georgetown University. He has a B.A. in News and Information from Palm Beach Atlantic University and spent three years working in print journalism before he and his wife, Mimi, moved to Washington, D.C. A writer at heart, his work has been published across the country at outlets including The Palm Beach Post, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. He continues to freelance for United Press International. His interests lie the influence of media on society. He has a particular interest in media influence on culture, especially religion. He’s currently the Program Coordinator for the Washington Journalism Center where he lectures on general media and journalism issues. He also manages the InkTank blog for the program’s undergraduates, who also contribute to it, and maintains a personal blog Gaelic Gopher which also explores media issues.