Summer 2011 Editor’s Note

The meaning of the “T” in the Communication, Culture, and Technology Program (CCT) here at Georgetown is often debated. Yet what we do understand is the ubiquity of technology, the challenges, and the necessity for learning the skills of creating, evaluating and disseminating information through changing mediums. gnovis is positioned in a space where emerging technologies engage with tradition, where academic arguments are presented in the public sphere, and we attempt to continually push what this space can mean in respect to academia. This is why we chose to embrace our digital platform by producing a summer issue solely dedicated to multimedia projects, that highlights these 21st century skills and utilizes our academic rigor.

This was an adventurous experience for us as Editors – one that was welcomed and embraced by eight authors and twenty peer-reviewers representing many graduate programs from around the country. We extend our gratitude not only to the published authors for their hard work, flexibility, and commitment, but also to all students who submitted projects. As the projects demonstrate – multimedia as a form has a fluid definition and one we hope to continue to explore. The Summer 2011 Journal showcases six digital stories – or video arguments – one computer program, and one mapping visualization.

Simultaneously, as we are proud of our newest issue of gnovis, we’d like to announce the ‘new and improved’ website that has been re-designed to embrace a sleeker vision of academic argumentation. The website, designed and executed by Kathleen Sullivan and Mauricio Orantes, is a platform the enables gnovis to grow and look toward the future. We thank them both for their hard work throughout the summer.

This summer experience has signified the direction that we wish gnovis to head toward in the future: passionate, driven, and inquisitive scholars who desire to shape new forms of learning. Without the authors, gnovis staff, and gnovis friends, this would not have been possible. We thank them, we recognize that this journal would not have been possible without each other, and we thank you, our reader, for continuing to check in our progress, and reading, or rather viewing, the works featured in this online space.

Lauren Barnett, Editor in Chief
Colleen Valentine, Managing Journal Editor

Lauren Barnett

Lauren graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2008 with a BA in Mass Communication. Upon graduation, and at the suggestion of a friend, she moved to Philadelphia to explore the 'real world' outside of academia. Ousting herself out of her comfort zone and plopping herself in the middle of a diverse city with thriving culture, she found work in a pizza restaurant, which was quickly followed by a return to the academic world, with a position on a peer-reviewed science journal. Simultaneously, Lauren worked closely with a youth literacy, after-school program, participating in the local art scene, hoping to one-day return to an academic setting separate from images of dissected nude mice. As a first year student in the CCT program, Lauren's interest currently include from net neutrality, education and technology, and the new role of journalism in the era of the Internet.

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