New Media: Just Freedom Flashing?


Life is filled with moments of parts coming together to make a whole.  We see this in the branches and constituencies that make up a government, in the flesh, love, and cells that a baby grows from, in the inner-workings of the dishwasher, and so on and on…
Sit back and listen to some of Dr. Patrick Deneen suggestions  on how individuals organize in a Democracy, and what that collective looks like.  We will explore the possibilities of new media tools for creating a more participatory collective, as well as speak with some students about what Democracy and freedom of individual will means to them.

Sarah Inman

Sarah is a former Georgetown CCT student and assistant managing editor for gnovis. She comes from Louisiana where she studied Political Science, wrote for a local newspaper, and ran from hurricanes. She is interested in exploring the invisible and forgotten--from infrastructures to human beings. Her writings aspire to raise questions about technology's role in politics, identity, and international development. When she's not studying, writing or talking to all of you, she likes to brew beer, laugh at improv comedy, dream about living in the Wind River Mountain Ranges, and go to live shows.

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