What’s in a Game?

Video games are among the most popular and profitable parts of our culture and economy. They are also somewhat new as a subject of academic inquiry. In this podcast we interviewed CCT’s Garrison LeMasters, who is interested in understanding the ways in which texts are discussed in the academy, and especially the ways video games are studied. We had a fascinating conversation that opened up a lot of interesting avenues for changing the conventional wisdom surrounding video games.

All music by Nine Inch Nails from the album Ghosts I-IV.

Greg Boone is the former Director of Multimedia at gnovis and the webmaster. He is interested in the intersections of technology and society. The guiding question of his research is what is the role of science and technology in society, and what consequences do they have for democracy? Greg has been podcasting since he worked for KGSM Radio at Gustavus Adolphus College, his work can be found at http://harmsboone.org and http://internationalunderground.org.