Hung Up on You

Hung Up on You from Colleen Valentine on Vimeo.

For my multimedia piece this semester, and in conjunction with Garrison LeMaster’s Digital Texts class, I created a vid. Ooo, a video you say! How nice! No, a vid. Introduced to the concept of vidding while in graduate school, it is a form of fan fiction, dating back to the 1960’s, where clips from TV shows are set to music. In Media Res has a great overview (many thanks to Jack Harrison).

My Vid, Hung Up On You, is a tribute to Tyra Banks and her reality show America’s Next Top Model. Most vid’s about ANTM are tributes to contestants who were voted off too early, or fan favorites. This vid is also a critique on modern day beauty aesthetics, and the prominence of supermodels as idols for American girls growing up. Further, it notes the dominance of celebrity in our culture – as not only I am, but the contestants, are Hung Up on Tyra – waiting for her call every night and day.

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