Disaccord within HitRECord

In this podcast, Hanna Woodburn examines an incident the HitRECord community is calling “Girl, Interrupted.”

Hanna Woodburn

Hanna Woodburn is a former CCT student. She found herself in D.C. following the completion of her undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University in Denver, CO where she studied Human Communication, Marketing, and Business. For three years prior to beginning her graduate studies, she worked for the legislative branch where she specialized in constituent communication and outreach efforts while managing a broad portfolio of legislative issues. In CCT, she is interested in gaining a greater understanding of how communication and technology can impart change on organizations, among other topics. Hanna blogs for gnovis on art, media, and our digital lives. She also can be found on Tumblr where her blog is predominately about her cat.

  • Rainey

    Interesting podcast. I do want to point out that it’s RegularJoe, not OrdinaryJoe. Perhaps it’s small-minded of me, but I kept thinking to myself, “How well did this woman really research hitRECord if she doesn’t even know that RegularJoe is RegularJoe?”