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Welcome to the newest section of gnovis, our Staff Picks!! Every week, members of our illustrious team will give you guys the skinny on what we’re watching, reading, or listening to in media and technology. Take a look at what we have for you this week!


1) Louis CK “Live at the Comedy Store”

louie ck

Last week, the Internet exploded in debate over the role of political correctness in liberal discourse. Political pundit rants notwithstanding, I’m here to say that free speech is alive and well. As a case in point, try Louis CK’s new comedy special, “Live at the Comedy Store.” Available via stream or download for $5 from CK’s website, the special pushes the boundaries of “what’s acceptable” on issues of race, gender and sexuality while never loosing sight of its core silliness. And if you don’t like it, you can watch something else!

– Zach  Zach pic

2) The Mahogany Sessions

mahogany pictures

Right now, one of my audio addictions is a YouTube channel called the Mahogany Sessions. I like to think of this channel as a musical tapas menu. It’s a little mellow taste of everything for all my fellow ambiguous genre music lovers, and its great for those who are looking to embrace a new stream of artists into their playlist.

-Jilanne Jilanne pic

3) Saved by the bell hooks


The tumblr blog “saved by the bell hooks” is a really beautiful example of the generative power of mashup. Rather than being a kitschy or gratuitous, these pairings of images from the 90s sitcom “Saved by the Bell” and quotes from author and feminist bell hooks actually force you to consider Saved by the Bell in a new critical light while also giving bell hooks’s statements even more traction via a concrete aesthetic “case study” of sorts. It also seems to be going viral across the interwebz, which is kind of interesting in and of itself.

– Linda linda pic

4) Working Podcast with Stephen Colbert

I came across the Working podcast this week, which is a fascinating look at how an industry works. Since the illustrious Colbert Report came to an end, the podcast interviewed the real Stephen Colbert on playing a professional pundit on TV. Turns out the real Colbert is just as fascinating and speaks in as many metaphors. Highly recommended!

-Areebah areebah

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