A Note from the Editor

The end of the spring 2015 semester brings to a close a notable year for Georgetown University’s student run journal of Communication, Culture, and Technology, gnovis. Building on the prolific fall semester, gnovisLive played host an art gallery demonstrating the broad scope of interests and talent in CCT. The gallery featured a wide range of exhibits from traditional sketch art and photography, to boundary pushing mixed media gif art and computational images using processing, to a live Lindy Hop demonstration. gnoviCon ‘15 “Unlocking Open Data,” was an enormous success. The conference tackled some of the complicated and important issues surrounding big data, namely its uses, misuses, and the threat of reidentification. The conference kicked off with a keynote address from Georgetown Provost and 2010 director of the US Census Bureau Dr. Robert Groves. A lively panel of distinguished discussants followed and further delved into some of the privacy issues as well as future implications of big data. And on top of all this our team of staff and bloggers continued to post weekly thought provoking blogs at gnovisjournal.org.

We at gnovis were incredibly pleased with the depth and insight of this issue’s articles. Jilanne Doom explored the policy gaps and culture norms that allow revenge porn to proliferate on the Internet in The New Porn Platform. Laura Werthmann describes how street art is in dialogue with and challenging established art forms in Street Art Dialogue. In Life in the New Media Landscape, Chris Miller discusses how reddit represents an important novel feature on the new media landscape. And Linda Huber explores how the smartphone and its deep pervasiveness is challenging the traditional notion of computation and cognitive enhancement in Paradigms of Cognitive Enhancement.

Before closing, I want to thank the gnovis staff. Your tireless professionalism and passion made this semester and the spring issue a success and continues to push the journal in exciting new directions. Individual thanks are in order to the outgoing staff as they graduate on to new things. David Shen did an incredible job running multi-media, Areebah Anji was our amazing website wizard, and Lisa Zimmermann was our cover-everything energetic outreach manager. To Emily Martik, your passion and attention to detail as managing editor ensured high quality issues were published and set the bar high for us. Lastly, gnovis would not be what it is today without Editor-in-Chief Zach Schalk. You are one of the finest leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Your sharp intellect, sound judgment, and thoughtful oversight inspired all those around you. Your absence will be felt. None of this would be possible without the continued support of the CCT faculty, staff, and student body. We hope gnovis is a reflection of this program’s great intellectual rigor, diversity, and curiosity.

Finally, thanks to you our reader. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did.

Isaac Riddle
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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