Join #gnovislive's First Ever Student-led Debate!

gnovislive debate

#gnovislive Student Debate

We at gnovis are excited to bring you the first gnovisLive student debate in gnovis history, maybe in CCT’s whole history! This will be an Oxford-style debate with two teams engaged in a battle of wit and will through opening and closing statements, and a middle space for your questions. You the audience are who the debaters are trying to sway, and your questions can be deciding factors in the way the whole room votes!

You the audience will anonymously vote before the debate starts about whether you agree, disagree or are neutral on the motion. Audience members will then vote a final time at the conclusion of the debate. Whichever side has gained the most votes from the previous count wins the debate.

Motion: “Technology will bring us together.”

For the Motion:
Paul Beasley
John Hanacek
Ellen Falci

Against the Motion:
Hannah Calkins
Linda Huber
Isaac Riddle

Dr. Meg Jones

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015

Time: 7:15pm

Location: Car Barn 315

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