Staff Picks 2016: Welcome Back!

Welcome to Staff Picks 2016! Every month, members of our the amazing gnovis family will give you the 411 on what our favorite things in art, entertainment, and technology. Take a look at what we have for you this March!

1) Logic Pro X


Anybody who knows me knows that I am obsessed with sound and, more importantly, how sound affects our understanding of space and our relationship to it and to others in it. It is with this in mind that I cannot stop playing with the Apple’s latest release of Logic Pro X (10.2). While each update makes this essential program a little bit better, 10.2 brings with it a brand new “sample-manipulation synthesizer”: Alchemy. This new synth, which can be used across the entire program, enables users to manipulate virtually any aspect of the sounds on which you working (color, texture, tone). At only $199, Logic Pro X (now with Alchemy!) remains hard to pass up for those looking for their first full-feature DAW.

-Ken ken williams

2) On The Media 


I’ve been listening to On The Media, a podcast produced by veteran journalists Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield and in partnership with WNYC (an unstoppable force of awesome content production).  This show takes a hard and often highly critical look at the media focusing on issues of trust and transparency. One of their more interesting episodes, “Gotcha”, examines the veracity of the claim by Republican candidates that they were the subject of unfair “gotcha” questions.  I can’t say enough good things about this podcast.  In a world of media saturation and truth obfuscation, this program cuts through the haze with unfettered honesty and insight.   


-Isaac Isaac

3) Project Greenlight 


HBO’s newest season of the reality show after a hiatus of over a decade is better than ever. Especially since the finishing product, The Leisure Class is the worst reviewed film of Project Greenlight! I binge watched all four seasons (the third season was picked up by Bravo and can be found on YouTube) and lived vicariously through the experiences of the new screenwriters and directors. Pete Jones, season 1 winner came back to help with season 4’s winner, Jason Mann and despite their efforts, and the fact that Jones seemed to be the only one who Mann would actually listen to, the film is a bust. The show however, is gold, full of drama, comedy, and in the end, you realize, Effie (the producer) was right all along. If you love film and want to see what it is like to make your own film or you are just a movie buff who likes to know the secret of filmmaking, this is the show for you!

-Tara Tara Jabbari

4) The Read


Coming on its third anniversary, The Read has remained the best podcast. ever. Objectively speaking, of course. The irreverent show featuring Youtube vlogger Kid Fury and Apple Radio DJ Crissle, is a weekly look at everything from pop culture to race relations in America. The podcast remains fresh due to the camaraderie between its two host as well as its ability to discuss everything from Kanye’s public Twitter meltdowns to the ramifications of Justice Scalia’s death on the American judicial system. I would suggest that newcomers listen to one of their best episodes, “BEYmergency: Formation“, where the self-professed Beyhive members devote an entire hour to Beyonce’s latest single “Formation” and her Superbowl performance. Warning: NSFW.

-Tyler Tyler gnovis pic_edited-1

5) Wherefore art thou rights Ke$ha?

I haven’t been the been the biggest fan or supporter of Ke$ha. I wasn’t found of her music and I didn’t find her brand particularly appealing. Recently, however, Ke$ha, has been denied the rights to exit her contract with Sony under cases of sexual abuse perpetuated by her producer Dr. Luke. Rolling Stone documents the case in their latest article looking at the ugly truths behind artists negotiations and the power of major record labels.  Ke$ha’s allegations have gone unresolved and I am genuinely curious to see how this story unfolds and sets the precedent, not only in music, but the rights of women and artists within the music industry.

– Miriam 

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