T-Shirt Design Contest


tshirt design

Guidelines for the first gnovis T-Shirt Design Contest:

  • Keep it original: please no copyrighted material please!
  • Keep it official: your logo must include both “gnovis” (in all lower case letters, because we’re cool like that) and “CCT”.
  • Keep it simple: two colors, max – front of the shirt only.
  • Keep it timely: send us your design in a .jpeg or .png format by Saturday, October 22nd at Midnight.
Rima Mandwee

Rima Mandwee is a first-year Masters candidate in the Communication, Culture, & Technology program and the Assistant Director of Blog & Web Services for gnovis. Her academic and professional interests revolve around the intersection between public policy, media, and diplomacy, as well as cultural analysis and commentary on social justice and feminism. Rima is also the Director of Communications on Georgetown University's Graduate Student Government Executive Board.