Staff Picks: January 2017

Cornettos-Commitment-Rings-Will-Stop-Your-Partner-From-Watching-Netflix-Without-YouNetflix Commitment Rings

“Love should last longer than one season” is the catchphrase for the new commitment rings by Cornetto. These rings ensure that couples will be faithful in their streaming practices. Take for example: my husband’s at work and I’m ready to sit down for my lunch break at home. I keep thinking of that next episode of Gilmore Girls, and I cave. I’m at the height of my guilty pleasure and plan to act like the episode is new and surprising that night when my husband and I watch it again, together. But, he comes home early and catches me in my crime. Now, it’s just Netflix – there’s no spat. But maybe not for some couples.

The rings sync to an app that connects to your Netflix/Hulu/Amazon account. On the app, you and your partner choose the show you want to watch together, and the app prevents that show from resuming unless both rings’ NFC (Near Field Communication) signal is within range. This signal is just a magnetic field induction that allows the rings to communicate with the app. With both signals, the app unblocks the show so you can enjoy it in marital felicity. Though it may be a bit trivial, the technology is a clever way of providing couples with accountability to each other and discipline in the anarchist world of video streaming while encouraging down time as a reward for finding time together.

~ Julia

moon-shaped-pool-radioheadRadiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

And then there was nothing…

…It seemed a rather fitting way for Radiohead to announce their latest, long-anticipated masterwork, A Moon Shaped Pool. The countless images and information about the band slowly evaporating away from the internet. A blank slate… an empty Facebook account… and then, suddenly, a solitary video for the first single, Burn the Witch. [Link to YouTube:]. With AMPS, Radiohead continues to push the boundaries of what it means to make rock music. Moreover, the band—and especially its enigmatic frontman, Thom Yorke—continues to expose its own vulnerabilities as artists and innovators of music as a conduit of expression across time, space, and culture. Radiohead’s program, perfectly advanced by AMPS, is to mold nothingness into an infinitely expansive bridge, crossing genres and taking the listener ever closer to the core of a pure, collective musical experience.

~ Ken

maxresdefaultThe Case for Music Sampling

While Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines may no longer be disrupting radio stations, it is causing buzz elsewhere. Over 200 musicians have signed a pledge siding with Thicke, attempting to protect their creativity. Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B have a history of sampling and reinventing music. This trend currently carries over into pop music, with crossover of artists and producers, that heavily sample productions of the past. Art is reliant on historic reinterpretation and current legislative acts to restrict what is or isn’t plagiarism can have adverse affects on the What will the case against Thicke then produce for musical integrity and artistic interpretation?

~ Mariam

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