gnovis Cover Design Competition

Calling all Picassos!

Join us on October 12 at 5pm in the Car Barn Studio for the Fall 2017 gnovis Journal Cover Design Competition!

Interested in design? Use your skills and submit a cover design for the Fall 2017 gnovis Journal! Submissions may be submitted prior to the event or created during the event. We will provide materials for drawing the design.

Designs will be voted on during the event and the winning design will be printed on the cover of the Fall 2017 gnovis Journal.

The top three finalists will receive a gnovis t-shirt. Snacks and drinks will be provided at the event!

Guidelines for designs:
  • Designs can be digital or hand-drawn. They can be created ahead of time or at the event.
  • Please no copyrighted material!
  • Your logo should include the word “gnovis”.
  • You can send us your design ahead in a .jpeg or .png format to



Katherine Grygo

Katherine Grygo is a first-year student in the Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown University. She serves as the Assistant Director for Web & Blog Services. Katherine completed her undergraduate studies in English Literature at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA in May 2016. She is primarily interested in topics regarding artificial intelligence and its implications in society as well as free speech.