Staff Picks: February 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 6.25.34 PMText Me When You Get Home  

If you’re ever witnessing a group of women saying “goodbye” to one another, I would bet you a substantial sum of money that at least one person will to another “Text me when you get home.” This fantastic read from journalist Kayleen Schaefer details the vitality of female friendships with support from historical and cultural research. Rather than pitting women against one another, narrative which is chronicled time and time again in TV, film, and pop culture, this book celebrates women and makes you want to call your gang and give them a Leslie Knope like compliment.

- Katherine Grygo, Assistant Director of Web & Blog Services 

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn

Critics have long debated the impact that pornography has on the minds and attitudes of those who consume it. This excellent long read offers new insight into this discourse, highlighting the ways that technology has facilitated the widespread dissemination of internet porn, and how this proliferation has profoundly impacted the sex education of an entire generation of young people.

- Ellen Kaufman, Managing Editor

Gear Guide for Videographers by Johnny & Isabel Harris


For those of you interested in video, you probably agree that sifting through gear reviews is tedious and exhausting. It takes forever, costs more than you had hoped, and usually results in some tech FOMO. Enter filmmakers Johnny and Isabel Harris (@johnnywharris and @iz.harris, respectively). Johnny is a video journalist for Vox and Isabel is a lifestyle and travel vlogger. They sat down and created an extensive gear guide for beginner, intermediate, and advanced filmmakers, mostly categorized by price. I don’t mean to say this should be the definitive guide, but if you’re starting out and want to spend more time shooting than researching the gear to do it with, this is a great resource to consult, because their work is a ringing endorsement.

- Holly Koch, Director of Multimedia 

Hungry Harvest

Recently, my roommate and I signed up for hungry harvest and we LOVE IT! Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service. They take produce that grocery stores can not sell due to size, shape, or surplus and sell them in packages to customers for a discounted price. Every Sunday a package of different fruits and veggies are delivered to your doorstep! Prior to the Sunday delivery Hungry Harvest sends out a list of produce getting delivered so customers can plan their meals accordingly.

- Carson Collier, Director of Web & Blog Services 


Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 3.06.31 PM

Have you ever spent time searching the web for promo codes? I used to do it all the time, but now with the Honey chrome extension it automatically does it for me! When you are online shopping, Honey will let you know if a site has any codes available and will run through them all in seconds. You can also use it to track the price history of a product. As a poor grad student, this site helps me save some cash when shopping online!

- Alexa DeJesus, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Katherine Grygo

Katherine Grygo is a first-year student in the Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown University. She serves as the Assistant Director for Web & Blog Services. Katherine completed her undergraduate studies in English Literature at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA in May 2016. She is primarily interested in topics regarding artificial intelligence and its implications in society as well as free speech.