Aliens as the “Other” in Post-Independence Hindi Cinema


This paper seeks to understand globalization as a way to interpret the shift in the portrayal of the Other as allegorized as aliens in Hindi science fiction cinema. After a brief discussion of what constitutes science fiction, the paper examines four science fiction films: Chand Par Chadayee (Sundaram 1967), Wahan Ke Log (Ansari 1967), Koi…Mil (Roshan 2003) and PK (Hirani 2014). A comparison is drawn between the films produced in the twentieth century and those produced in the twenty-first, noting the vilification of aliens in the former and the positive characterization in the latter. This shift in the portrayal of aliens is argued as a result of the liberalization of the Indian economy, the strengthening of the Indian military, and other factors that contribute to today’s globalized world.

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