gnoviCon 2018: Artificial Intelligence

This year’s gnoviCon featured two panel discussions on Artificial Intelligence. The first panel, “Artificial Intelligence & Labor,” discussed automation of the workforce and the disruption of established industries. This panel included speakers Dr. Jason Furman from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Molly Kinder from Georgetown’s Beeck Center, Dr. Lawrence Mishel from the Economic Policy Institute, Sree Ramaswamy from the McKinsey Global Institute, and moderator Mark MacCarthy from CCT. 

The second panel, “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence,” directed the discussion toward the wider societal implications of AI. This panel included Leslie Harris from CCT and the Future of Privacy Forum, and Amanda Levendowski from New York University, David Robinson from Upturn, Elana Zeide from Seton Hall University, and moderator Meg Jones from CCT. 

Check out the clip below or watch the full panels via the links above.

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