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CCTea Podcast: Episode 2 (Identity Formation in the Digital Age)


Kevin and Zach return to the booth for Episode 2 of the CCTea podcast, this time welcoming a guest feature: Kimberly Marcela Duron, the assistant editor-in-chief of gnovis! This week we will be discussing Identity Formation in the Digital Age, through 3 different lenses: TV & Cinema, Social Media, and Marketing/Advertising.

So, what makes you, you? The formation and development of our personal identities in the Digital Age has become increasingly influenced by what we watch, where we go, what we buy, and how we conduct ourselves online. How does our digital environment affect the way we develop, process, and adapt our sense of self? The rise of social media has allowed us to tweak and experiment with our identities, with each platform providing different nuances for personal presentation, broadcasting of thought, and observational learning. Does this allow for unique development and enrichment of identity, or does the commodification of likes and shares on social media lead us toward a homogenized version of identity, as many of us strive for acceptance rather than genuine self-presentation online?

Table of Contents

0:00 – Introduction

1:00 – The Effects of Film & TV on Identity Formation

1:55 – RIP Stan Lee

3:15 – “Watching Up”

4:00 – The Impact of Coco on Hispanic Identity

5:55 – Representing Everyone

7:10 – Insecure and Other User-Generated Content

8:20 – Shifting the Mainstream with Authenticity

9:00 – Creating Content as a Conversation

10:35 – Diversity of Representation Through Social Media

11:30 – Tumblr and Observational Learning

13:50 – Identity Fluidity on Social Media

14:55 – Personal Online Brands

15:45 – The Process of Identity Formation

16:30 – Gamification of Identity

18:05 – TFW: Relatability Through Universalities

19:10 – Social Media as a Collective: “Duckface is Out”

21:35 – Incubating Identities

22:15 – Infiltration of Consumerism: Brand Exposure

24:30 – Branded Content & the Rise of Normcore

27:10 – Brandless Brands

29:45 – Kevin’s Cold Take

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