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CCTea Podcast: Episode 3 (Wearable Medical Technology)

If the embedded audio player isn’t displaying above, you can also listen here: CCTea Episode 3: Wearable Medical Technology

In Episode 3 of CCTea, Kevin and Zach tackle the topic of Medical Wearable Technology, and discuss how these devices affect our health, our daily lives, and even our social interactions. They also analyze the differences between consumer wearables (such as FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.), and true medical wearable technology (such as glucose monitors, pulse trackers, and diagnostic wearables).

Do you use wearable medical technology like step counters or pulse trackers? How do they impact our physical and mental health? What are the medical, financial, and legal implications of these devices? Today, the tea will tell.

0:00 Intro
1:05 Wavering Walks of Winter
3:00 The McFitBit
4:50 The Most Accurate Pedometers
6:00 Kevin’s Dark Side of Personal Health Tracking
10:00 Showcasing Quantified Health
11:45 Broad Spectrum of Medical Wearable Tech
14:00 Medical Monitors & Surveillance
16:00 Privacy: Consumer Wearables v. Med Devices
17:30 Grindr Scandal: Selling Sensitive Health Data
20:20 Wearable Tech Revenue$
21:40 Zach’s Secondhand FitBit Testimony
23:00 Positive Aspects of Gamifying Health
25:30 Kevin’s Cold Take

Tune in next time for a follow-up episode containing an in-depth interview with Shavini Fernando, a CCT entrepreneur who recently invented her own award-winning medical wearable technology!

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