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CCTea Podcast: Episode 4 (Exclusive Interview with Shavini Fernando)


Episode 4 of the CCTea podcast follows up on the previous episode about Wearable Medical Technology through a full-length feature interview with a star student of the Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown University.

Shavini Fernando, a Fall 2018 graduate of the program, recently designed her own wearable medical technology called O2Wear. Her device will continuously monitor users’ oxygen levels and will alert the user and their primary care provider if oxygen levels drop too low. Shavini won multiple awards on campus for her invention, including over $50,000 worth of prize money to further develop her device.

In the exclusive CCTea interview, Shavini discusses the background and inspiration for her invention, beginning with her own struggles with a heart condition called Eisenmenger’s Syndrome. Her incredible stories include an out-of-body experience, an accidental stroke, a lost passport, and a letter from President Obama.

See below for the full table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Shavini’s Origins (Sri Lanka)
1:25 – Grad School & Teaching in Australia
3:25 – Eisenmenger’s Sydrome Explained
7:00 – The Blue Face Incident
8:00 – Cardiologist Visit
9:40 – Right Heart Cardiac Catheterization
11:00 – Shavini Defeats Death
14:30 – A Dismal Diagnosis
16:45 – Traveling to the U.S.
17:00 – An Accidental Stroke at Johns Hopkins
17:45 – “I Feel Like I’m in Grey’s Anatomy”
18:45 – Recovery: Continuous Oxygen
19:45 – Obtaining Insurance Through ObamaCare
20:40 – “You Have Letter From the White House”
21:10 – Switching Visas Under Trump
22:25 – Choosing Georgetown & CCT
23:45 – Changing Visas: International Shenanigans
25:45 – Lost Passport Abroad
28:05 – Physical Gains and Goals
29:30 – O2Wear Explained
34:30 – “It’s Not Just For Pulmonary Hypertension”
36:35 – GU Bark Tank Competition
38:00 – Coming Up With The Name “O2Wear”
40:45 – Training for Pitch Night: GIPC Competition
43:30 – Pitch Night: “I Forgot My Entire Pitch”
46:05 – What’s Next?
48:10 – The Importance of a Positive Outlook

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