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CCTea Podcast: Episode 6 (Internet Semantics & Etiquette)


In Episode 6 of CCTea, Zach & Kevin discuss the tricky topic of Internet Semantics and Etiquette, and how the ways in which we carry ourselves online can often spill over into our physical lives and relationships. They ponder the different methods of communicating online and their effects on understanding; the recent rise in image-based communication; modern dating and networking; and generational differences in communication expectations.

So what are the protocols for the torrential flow of digital information? Are the bountiful modes of communication and expression available online allowing us to better articulate and convey meaning, or are they adding layers of depth and ambiguity to our correspondence, and leaving us all anxiously analyzing the smallest details of semiotics and semantics? Today, the tea will tell.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Net Etiquette aka ~Netiquette~
1:55 – The Medium is the Message (McLuhan shoutout)
3:15 – Gr8 Expectations: The Digital Divide
7:10 – Enhanced E-talk
[8:05 – feat. Chelsea Peretti in “Brooklyn 99”]
11:00 – Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication
13:00 – TEXT YELLING vs. bein chill
14:10 – Reply Timeliness
17:45 – The Shrinking Refrain of Free Culture
20:40 – Modern Courtship
21:50 – Networking Netiquette
23:10 – All the World [Wide Web] is a Stage
24:50 – The Social Politics of “ Following”
27:05 – Kevin’s Cold Take
27:35 – Outro

Zach Omer
Kevin Ackermann

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