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CCTea Podcast: Episode 10 (gnoviCon 2019 Recap)


On the the Season One finale of CCTea, Kevin and Zach return to the booth to recap the gnovis event of the year: gnoviCon 2019! The theme of this year’s conference was “Big Tech, Data & Democracy.” Over the course of this episode, we will bring you sound bytes from each speaker, while adding our own commentary and analysis to the different discussions.

There were 2 panels at gnoviCon, the first titled “Big Tech & Competition Policy” and the second titled “Big Tech & the Future of Democracy.” Our esteemed panelists came from a multitude of industries and professions, and offered their unique perspectives on these topical and critically important issues. Between panels was a keynote speech by Siva Vaidyanathan, which covered the topics of big data, Facebook, and cultural behavior in the Digital Age.

Are tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon threatening our democracy? What kind of anti-trust regulations or policies can (or should) be implemented to combat monopolistic tendencies in a capitalist society? What’s the best way to handle your crazy relative on social media amplifying misinformation across your news feed?

Today, the tea will tell…

Table of Contents
0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Panel 1 Overview
2:40 – Phillip Verveer on Antitrust
5:05 – Harold Feld on Sector-Specific Regulations
9:15 – Diana Moss on Declining Competition
12:20 – Mark Whitener on Application of Antitrust
15:15 – Lauren Willard on the Broader Discussion of Antitrust
17:30 – Concluding Thoughts on Panel 1
19:10 – Siva Vaidyanathan Keynote Summary
32:10 – Panel 2 Overview
32:35 – Sally Hubbard on Facebook’s Lack of Alternatives and Possible Regulation
35:40 – Emily Vargas on Media Literacy & Education
37:40 – Ethan Porter on Correcting Misinformation and “Crazy Uncles”
40:35 – Gnovicon in a Gnutshell
41:10 – Kevin’s Cold Take
41:40 – A Final Fond Farewell

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