Ashley Bowen

Ashley Bowen

Ashley Bowen is a former CCT Graduate Student.

My Book for My Mom (Thanks to Lulu)

I wanted to look at my Mom and say, “hey look, I wrote a book.”  Sadly, Georgetown no longer accepts paper thesis submissions which makes all kinds of sense for the reasons you don’t need me to go into.  If you’ve paid attention at all to debates about the future of media you know paper is out and electronic is in (cheaper, better for the forests, etc etc etc).

Swine Flu: Aporkalypse or Map Maker’s Delight?

“Decorated Swine Flu Surgical Masks in Mexico,” photo essay via the UK’s Telegraph.

Sometimes I deny it, but really I am highly susceptible to panicking about some new illness, environmental toxin, or general germy news.  I’m also hugely susceptible to conspiracy theories and general distrust of media-induced panic.  As you can image, this has made being around me the past few days loads of fun.

Maybe the Blogosphere is parasitic?


Thank heavens the election is finally over and we can all go back to debating if newspapers are going to “make it” in this new, open, and tech-heavy presidential era.  So, with all due speed let’s turn our attention to what newspapers seem to have learned from these past few months years.

Polaroids and Nostaliga



It does seem like I’m always coming around here to tell you about things I’m really interested in, but haven’t quite worked through all the implications. Sorry about that. It does seem like that is what blogging is for, so I hope you’ll stay with me as I’m working through all these things.

Viral Fundraising

Lately, I’ve been very interested in the role online/e-mail rumors play in elections. I heard an "On the Media" segment last week about how hard it is for political campaigns to beat back the false assertions made in fwd email.

Denver Gets a Creative Splatter

There’s been some chatter about the lack of protests at the Democratic Convention (though, as I write this Biden is going on and on about an "open convention"). While there may not be a tremendous number of people waving signs, there is a lot of street art in Denver right now focused on the DNC and Obama. A lot, but not all, of this art seems like an off shoot of the Manifest Hope show.

A Cure for Information Overload: Detox and Blogging

I’ve been pretty absent from this forum for the past few months. This has nothing to do with my feelings for gnovis or its awesome new issue. It has been because, well…

I am an Internet addict. In the past year or so my Internet use has gone from a nice distraction in an office job to something that has stopped my own creativity.