Author: Akoto1983

  • The Grad Student and the Vicodin Bottle

    One of the troubles with chronic pain conditions is that they tend to be considered less authentic as disabilities.  They are often invisible, existing such that they may go virtually or entirely unnoticed.  Specific conditions, such as fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome, the ailment with which I'm inflicted, are even doubted by doctors: "Because [doctors] can demonstrate no local cause, they conclude that the disease does not exist" (<a href="

  • Bringing the Music Back: MTV’s Experiment and Why the Music Video is Still Viable on TV

    In an attempt to make the ‘M’ in its name mean something again, MTV announced the debut of AMTV, a six-hour block for music and advertising experimentation, slated to run from 3 to 9 a.m.- hence the name AMTV. From Monday through Thursday, AMTV will feature music videos, news, interviews and performances in hopes to become a little more reminiscent of its former self.

  • CCT, Culture, and Kids!

    Last night, Prof. Dedaic's Intercultural Communications class got the opportunity to participate in Multicultural Night at Matthew Maury Elementary School in Alexandria, VA.

    We were all charged with displaying something unique about our culture, and our diverse group had all the bases covered. From Europe, to Asia to Africa and back to the Americas, we showcased dance, music, food, art and other interesting customs and traditions.

  • Magazines in a Mess: What Should Print Media Do?

    A few Saturdays ago, I woke up eager to embark on my most treasured weekend past-time- a bowl of granola, a cup of Starbucks, and a stack of glossy magazines. After I skimmed through a couple of weeklies, I reached for one of my many guilty pleasures, People’s Style Watch. I turned through the pages, and came across the number one most annoying magazine pet-peeve of all, the subscription card.

  • Politics, Pageantry, and Palin in the Media: Does the 1st female Republican nominee help or hinder feminist advancement?

    This year's election season has been chock-full of historical moments. Hillary Clinton won more primaries and delegates than any other female presidential candidate in American history. Barack Obama is the first African American to be nominated by a major political party for president. And Sarah Palin, Alaska's first female governor, is the first female Republican vice-presidential nominee.