Author: Meredith Clements

  • OMG I Forgot To Post: An Examination of How Students View and Use Blogs Within an Academic Organization

    Abstract: This paper explores how class blogs are perceived as an instructional tool from the perspective of the graduate student. This boundary spanning technology allows for student-student and student-instructor engagement to continue outside the traditional classroom, yet does capability lead to success in the eyes of the user? Applying Orlikowski’s revision of Structuration Theory to the ongoing structural negotiation between student and organization provides insight into the future of the twenty-first century learning environment.

  • An Assessment of the Coming-Clean Conversation

    Admitting one’s faults and coming clean with another about a wrongdoing is one of the most difficult forms of interaction. The timing of the disclosure never seems to be right and the speaking plan developed by the guilty rarely remains on script. As communication researchers, we can account for this because we know the old sender-message-receiver model no longer represents a true explanation of the communication process; variables such as feedback, environment, and non-verbal communication influences the direction of a conversation.