Minoo Razavi

Minoo Razavi

My name is Minoo Razavi; apart from that statement there, I generally struggle with any other biographical introduction of myself. Presenting what I would like you to think about me calls on an overwhelming, and even conflicting amount of data which both you (trust me on this) and I will gladly pass over.


“Class! Let’s Game!”

Intergroup Relations and Multiplayer Online Games Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) merit bona fide research. After listening to Dr. Garrison LeMasters’ leceture and reading “The…

Since 1294, in the canton of Appenzell, Switzerland, citizens assemble in the town square to practice direct democracy. Their assembly to vote–this event–is named the Landsgemeinde.

Apathetic toward Apathy?

Political participation, and its general decrease in our society today, is what motivates many to think about policies that can enforce activism. In a recent…