When Rich Meets Reality – Depicting the Benefaction of the Wealthy

In such a hyper-mediated society, it’s only fitting that watching television is one of America’s favorite and most time-consuming activities. The middle-class American family is a historic character of the small screen, immortalized in such classics as All in the Family and The Simpsons – reassuring the most robust, yet simultaneously fragile social class during bouts of racial strife and economic turmoil.  Yet, as wealth disparities grow and the middle class suffers, television offers a new type of reassurance – one that proclaims that rich people are just like us.


“A Diamond is Forever”

Flowers. Chocolates. Heart-shaped boxes. Love letters. Romantic dinners for two.

For many of us, these are the things we most associate Valentine’s Day with—which is all well and fine. If the boys over at De Beers have their way, though, these aren’t the only things we’ll be thinking of.