The Instagram Bogeyman

Instagram users — particularly Instagram users who are members of a marginalized community — have begun to notice that their content isn’t being delivered as they would expect it to be. On the inaugural episode of About Me, Kim and Kevin square up with the Instagram Bogeyman that is the shadowban.

With a personal narrative about the effects of shadowbanning from Johanna Toruño (@johannareign, @theunapologeticallybrownseries) kicking off the discussion, Kim and Kevin endeavor to lift the lid off of what we know as “shadowbanning” online to show it for what it really is: codified algorithmic expression.


About Me is a podcast exploring the strange and complicated stories in which we find our own identities morphing through technology. Each episode will explore how our online selves both shape and mirror our identities through deep dives on topics ranging from content moderation and radicalization to dating profiles and DIY lifestyles.