Staff Picks: October 2016

strangerthingsthumbjpg-6ab191_1280wStranger Things

Netflix’s new original series introduces its audience to a captivating science fiction experience. Stranger Things, with its equally wonderful 80’s soundtrack, tells the story of a town that suffers the super natural after a young boy goes missing. Reminiscent of Spielberg and King’s earlier works, Stranger Things fuses all the best things of 80’s science fiction to produce a captivating show, inducing audiences to binge watch the entire first season in one weekend. With season two, coming along, Stranger Things promises to be the new TV staple.

~ Mariam

imageDistrict Taco

I admit, I’m a newbie to DC. One of my first discoveries after settling in was the magnificent District Taco. If you’re on campus, your nearest one is on Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn. The food is fresh and the menu options are endlessly customizable. They have a salsa bar, if you prefer to put toppings on yourself and my favorite, a soda machine that has everything from Mexican Cola to Cream Soda. (Cream Soda not in a bottle? Cream Soda in general? Absolutely sold!) Definitely stop by one of their seven locations in their area and stuff your face with delicious food. It’s always a good choice.

~ Elizabeth

Chemical_Brothers_Wide_Open_4The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open, featuring Beck

The Chemical Brothers have been innovating at the edge of electronic music for nearly 30 years. The video for Wide Open off of their latest album, Born in the Echoes, moves the group beyond sound, to the very edge of video production. Directors Dom & Nic, worked with video effects powerhouse, The Mill to produce a truly groundbreaking, stunning work of music video artistry. Happily, The Mill released a behind-the-scenes video showing briefly how some of the magic was brought to life.

~ Ken

On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill, On Liberty

According to John Stuart Mill, truth is “a question of the reconciling and combining of opposites”.  Needless to say, the polarized nature of the political climate leading up to this November’s election has been nothing short of stressful. However, rather than succumbing to popular narratives that imply our government is headed toward failure, I’ve found value in reading about the political theories and philosophies that have shaped our political history. In particular, in the works of John Stuart Mill, I have found a bit hope and perspective in the thought that, in times like these, when we seem most divided, perhaps we have the best chance at uncovering the truths that will take us forward.

~ Rebecca

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