Staff Picks: End of 2016

smart-wine-bottleWi-Fi Smart Wine Bottles 

What if your bottle of wine could offer you multiple varieties of wine, keep it fresh for a month, let its body be used as a touch screen to access content about wine as well as order more online ? Well, it isn’t the wine talking. Kuvee, a Boston-based internet-of-things start-up has designed a wi-fi connected smart wine dispenser. It looks and feels just like the wine bottles in your cabinet but are used in conjunction with canisters, which are clicked into the dispenser. The company has already raised over $6 million till May and will start shipping to California and Massachusetts in October and to the rest of the country by the end of the year.

– Sushovan

maxresdefaultKanye West’s “Fade” Music Video

Someone should have filmed my reaction to the release of the Kanye West “Fade” music video at the 2016 MTV VMAs because I could have become an Internet sensation. The music video starred rising R&B singer and actress, Teyana Taylor, performing an aerobic-style dance routine around (clearly well-utilized) gym equipment. I could describe the dance as reminiscent of Flashdance, a greased up masterpiece, the blossoming of a fierce lioness, or straight up e(x/r)otic, but there’s no point. You should just watch it for yourself. That’s the only way to grasp what could have been the video that kicked off my 15 minutes of Twitter fame.

– Rima


For the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, they launched the awesome SNL App which had clips of their best skits, I watched Jane and Dan bicker at each other during Weekend Update, I watched the first Blue Brothers sketch, I watched Eddie Murphy singing “Hot Tub” and Wayne’s World segments, all the way to watching current cast member extraordinaire, Kate McKinnon do the best Ellen DeGeneres impression. Since it’s launch, the app allows you to watch the latest episode skits by the next day so you never miss out on the laughs. I highly recommend you download this if you haven’t already and watch and share your favorite skits!

– Tara


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