Letter from Editor, Journal Volume XVIII, Issue I Fall 2017

Scholarship that encompasses the areas of communication, culture, and technology may seem difficult to define. However, as we continue to search for ways to describe the world around us, the significance of research that exhibits the interactions amongst these three fields of study becomes increasingly apparent. For this reason, gnovis, now in its eleventh year of publication, proudly exists as a medium for presenting compelling examples of scholarly work in these areas.

The works featured in this Fall 2017 edition of gnovis represent two unique statements on the topic of technology and its relation to the human body. In “Resolving the Incommensurability of Eugenics & the Quantified Self,” Gabi Schaffzin, from the University of California San Diego, outlines the theoretical development of early eugenic projects in order to reveal their fundamental connection to the technology-aided practice of “self-tracking” and the contemporary quantified self movement. In “On Modes of Digital Embodiment: Movement & the Digital,” Brown University’s Théo Lepage-Richer explores the idea of the virtual through the medium of film, combining the theories of Walter Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard to describe the various forms of embodiment now possible through emerging digital technologies.

In addition to publishing this, our fifth print edition of gnovis Journal, the gnovis Team has once again welcomed a talented staff of first-year students this fall, each of whose contributions within the organization have been immediately impactful. While continuing gnovis Blog’s reputation as a digital platform for student opinion and expression, the Team organized a number of successful events throughout the semester, including our second Cover Design Competition, for which we are proud to attribute gnovis’ own Fred Ji for the winning cover. Looking forward, we are excited to continue our work and grow as a publication and organization through a redesign of the gnovis Blog interface, as well as increased collaboration with other student-run initiatives in the CCT Program.

This edition of gnovis and the success of our events and projects could not have been achieved without the efforts of the entire gnovis Team. In particular, I would like to thank gnovis’ Managing Editor, Ellen Kaufman, who, in addition to her skillful management of the gnovis Journal production schedule and communications, has been a personal source of trusted advice and support. This semester I have also been thrilled to welcome Alexa DeJesus as Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Kathryn Hartzell as Assistant Managing Editor, whose talents and contributions are already primed to surpass those of their predecessors. Of course, our achievements are also made possible through the support of the CCT faculty, in particular gnovis’ faculty advisor, Dr. Leticia Bode, who has never failed to be a source of guidance and encouragement to me personally, as well as the rest of our organization. Finally, thank you to our fellow CCT students for your interest and support of gnovis.

Rebecca Tantillo


Class of 2018

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