Wrapup: Change (in which Obama is only peripherally mentioned)

The end of the academic year is coming up fast, which means that, whether we’re graduating or not, we’re all wrapping up our courses and theses and thinking about whatever will come next. Outside of academia, change isn’t constrained by the class calendar, but things still seem particularly busy these days. Maybe it’s just spring.

Here at gnovis

  • On the day of my thesis defense, I posted some subjective “Do’s and Don’ts” for future thesis writers, including “Don’t freak out everytime you get tough feedback from your committee” and “Do get plenty of sleep.”
  • Akoto chimed in on MTV’s curious reintroduction of music videos… during the graveyard hours between 3am and 9am. “The disappearance of music on MTV is only a business response to the consumption habits of its core audience, which begs the question: Why bother at all? What, then, is the point of AMTV?”

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Brad Weikel

Brad Weikel received his MA in Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) from Georgetown University in 2009. His thesis, "From Coding to Community: Iteration, Abstraction, and Open Source Software Development" argued that programming practices, particularly iterative workflows and abstraction models, can help explain both the success and struggles of open source software. His work was a technocentric complement to prior explanations from economists, lawyers, and political and cultural theorists. While writing his thesis, Brad blogged about his topic at OpenCulture.cc, where he has since continued blogging, more broudly, about collaborative production and the commons at large. Brad was Managing Editor of gnovis during the 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 school years, and Creative Director in 2006/2007. He is currently the Web & Communications Coordinator for EarthRights International.