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CCTea Podcast: Episode 1 (Digital Distractions)


In this fast-paced digital environment we are living, distractions have become unbelievably abundant. It’s never been easier or more inviting to become sidetracked. When these distractions begin to take up more of our time than our actual responsibilities, are their roles reversed? Is it possible for distractions to actually become a responsibility in our lives? As the Niagara of information communications becomes increasingly torrential– and personalized– feelings of obligation transfer away from our required work and studies and toward merely keeping up with the current.

In the first episode of CCTea, the Web & Blog team of gnovis Journal (Kevin Ackermann & Zach Omer) tackle this tricky topic of technological distraction and what it means for our personal well-being and mental health, as well as the sociological ramifications of continuously indulging the desire to distracted.

0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Temptation to Multitask
3:20 – The Vicious Cycle of Distraction
5:30 – Dealing With Distraction
7:15 – The Metaphor of the Moth
9:05 – Distracted Driving & Autonomous Cars
11:55 – The Effects of Hyper-Vigilance on Mental Health
12:40 – Regulating Addictive Substances
14:35 – Individual Powerlessness
15:30 – Social Media Martyrdom
18:00 – The Intrinsic Value of Idle Time
20:45 – Kevin’s Cold Take
21:15 – Contact Info & Outro

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