Josh Hubanks

Josh Hubanks

Josh is a former student in the Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT) M.A. program at Georgetown University. A native of Seattle, Josh graduated with honors from the University of Washington in 2009. He holds a B.A. in Communication with concentrations in politics and rhetoric, and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. At CCT, Josh is interested in studying the emerging intersection between politics, rhetoric and social media. In his spare time, he enjoys sleeping, eating and watching totally radical movies. Follow Josh on Twitter at @jhubanks


Napster Part II?: The MPAA, a Former Senator, and You

It was announced Tuesday that Chris Dodd, the former five-term Democratic Senator from Connecticut, will be taking over as head of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the trade organization that oversees the nominally voluntary MPAA ratings system. Dodd had recently announced his retirement from government, declining to run for a sixth term in office. At his new post, the former senator’s main concern will be curtailing internet piracy.


“A Diamond is Forever”

Flowers. Chocolates. Heart-shaped boxes. Love letters. Romantic dinners for two.

For many of us, these are the things we most associate Valentine’s Day with—which is all well and fine. If the boys over at De Beers have their way, though, these aren’t the only things we’ll be thinking of.