Welcome to gnovis: Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Greeting and salutations!

For those of you returning to the Hilltop for another year, welcome back! For those joining us as you begin your academic journey, then we would like to cordially welcome you to not only Georgetown University, but also to the gnovis Blog.

gnovis is derived from “gnosis,” which is Greek for “knowledge.” The substitution of a ‘v’ indicates an emphasis on vision, as a desire to produce forward-thinking content. Along with the journal, which is published bi-annually, we also have the gnovis Blog that is updated on a weekly basis with content from both the gnovis staff and CCT students.

In our first meeting together as the new Director and Assistant Director for Web and Blog Services, we both took some time to really look at the blog and think about what it is and what it could be. In a world that is as tumultuous as the one we live in today and an Internet world that can be equally as chaotic, we see the gnovis Blog as a safe place for contributors to share their ideas, thoughts, and musings on a wide variety of topics ranging from politics, science, technology, media, art, culture, representation, literature, and so much more. We see it as as a place for people to be able to truly articulate and express their unique scholarly ideas— and we hope to continue in maintaining this mission.

In this coming year, we hope the gnovis Blog can be a place to cultivate scholarship, creativity, and critical thinking. We hope to continue to deliver engaging content and to expand our multimedia efforts.

We welcome you to submit content and to join the many conversations taking place. We look forward to the year ahead and look forward to you joining the journey—whether it be as a contributor or reader!

Happy viewing!

Carson Collier ‘18
Director of Web & Blog Services

Katherine Grygo ‘19
Assistant Director of Web & Blog Services

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