American Dream

Since 1294, in the canton of Appenzell, Switzerland, citizens assemble in the town square to practice direct democracy. Their assembly to vote–this event–is named the Landsgemeinde.

Apathetic toward Apathy?

Political participation, and its general decrease in our society today, is what motivates many to think about policies that can enforce activism. In a recent…

Imported from Detroit

“Imported from Detroit”: Selling the Country and Cars

Commercials embody more than product placement and promotion. They embody a certain cultural collectivism. We laugh and cry along great distances in unison at 30-second spots designed to elicit the most visceral emotions to achieve a solitary goal – sell. This year’s Super Bowl Sunday was replete with a variety of commercials tugging on innumerable cultural references; however, one in particular employed an oft-ignored allegory for American patriotism with bona fide success.